What is LeobIOT?

LeobIOT is a centralised IOT platform where IOT developers can find advanced services to integrate with their IOT systems without taking up memory or space. Arduino and Raspberry PI developers will find it great to have instant access to a secure remote SQL database, have access to advanced A.I functions such as facial recognition and direct access to Neural Networks. Many practical functions ranging from getting the current date, resolving directions, working with vectors & quaternions and even GIS-related functions such as resolveing GPS addresses and determining routes to destinations. All in one central easy-to-access location, leobIOT!

IOT Services

SQL Database for IOT

Store information directly on a central SQL database

Advanced Mathematics & Algorithms for IOT

Access 3D-related and other mathematical operations.

Real-Time Real-World Information for IOT

Obtain a wide range of up to date real-world information such as forex & stock exchange rates, weather forecasts, dictionaries and news.

Artificial Intelligence for IOT

Access to A.I such as facial recognition, pattern recognition, object tracking and general Artificial Neural Networks.

Conversions for IOT

Language translation, Text-To-Speech, Measurement Units, file types and images can easily be converted.

GIS & GPS Functions for IOT

A wide range of GPS-related functions are provide including reverse lookups, routing and traffic reports.

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