What is LeobIOT

LeobIOT is an IOT cloud-based service for Arduino, Raspberry PI and other microcontrollers to easily get access to vital functions without sacrificing memory, disk space or processing power. LeobIOT provides many advanced functions such as database management, real-time data resolutions, advanced mathematical operations, artificial intelligence & machine learning and GIS-related services.

What does LeobIOT services cost

LeobIOT provides all services free of cost. Simply register and start using the central code library.

How many devices can LeobIOT support?

There is no limit. Up to 10 000 devices can be connected together, sharing data and operations. You can also operate multiple projects that do not interfere with one another. Such as a commercial IOT product that saves data to the server simply needs to use a different IOT key to have its own data-space on the server.

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