How to start an IOT project

To start creating IOT projects you need to register to create an account. Once registered, you will be able to login to the dashboard. On the dashboard you will find your CLIENT IOT KEY and within each specific project you create via the dashboard you will find the unique PROJECT IOT KEY. You are now ready to start using the functionality provided by the LeobIOT IOT web services.

How to execute an IOT web service call

The easiest way to call functions provided by LeobIOT is simply to open a URL with the following format.

CLIENT IOT KEY: The Client IOT Key can be found in your dashboard when you login to LeobIOT.
PROJECT IOT KEY: The Project IOT Key can be found in the project section of the dashboard.
ACTION: The Action is the ID of the function to execute on the LeobIOT cloud. The list IOT functions provided by LeobIOT web service can be found HERE.
PROPERTY NAME: The Property Name is an optional value used to indicate which data property that should be affected by the operation, such as writing to the database.
PARAMETERS: The Parameters is an optional field that will feed parameters to the web function being called, such as writing to the database. Functions such as getting the current UTC time does not require parameters. Usage can be found by looking at the documentation available at the developer reference page

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